A Love Letter to a Special Group of People

A Love Letter to a Special Group of People, 

For those of you born between February 7, 1991 -- May 21,1993 or July 1, 1993 -- January 28, 1994, you are part of a very special cohort, and I want to extend my deepest appreciation for you. It seems that you’ve been feeling a build up of sorts, something along the lines of... “I just want to start my LIFE already.” And that is because you are getting an intentional nudge from Saturn, the timekeeper of our world. Within the next three years, Saturn will make its way back to where it was when you were born, through the sign of Aquarius. In astrological terms, this is called the Saturn Return, and it is a time of soul alignment. 

Saturn is the bouncer to one of the most exclusive and important clubs: Maturity. No fake IDs or sneaking in -- the only access is through the slow and arduous process of minutes, days and years -- 29 or 30, to be a bit more specific. This idea of adulthood is much different according to this strict lord of time, as maturity is the element of time that hardens a part of your spirit, enough to make it tangible, workable, and impactful. As a force of materialization, Saturn is urging you to form a pathway that you can now walk upon toward your successes. And Saturn is always on time -- never early, never late. 

Aquarius has the natural instinct of being on the pulse of the collective.

And honestly, your Saturn in Aquarius cohort is so lit. I can’t even begin to say how tuned in you all are to what is relevant -- Aquarius has the natural instinct of being on the pulse of the collective. While Saturn is the part of your consciousness that wants to become developed, in Aquarius, it is your personal impact on society that deeply wants to become realized. And since the Saturnian anchor of your reality is infused with the collective need,  I have to mention how socio-political events will further shape your trajectory in these next few years. Your genius will blossom from the challenges and adversity that we will collectively face, and even as our world feels so heavy at this time, your role as a collective seer will not only be vital to our community, but also integral as a part of your spirit. 

Your cosmic ancestry is shared with often beloved, courageous, and yet controversial thought leaders, such as Nina Simone, Louis Farrkahn, Allister Crowley, George Orwell & the epic Audre Lorde. These fearless minds were compelled to live their truths even at the cost of being ostracized and othered -- it is a common thread among you to invoke change. The beauty I’ve also witnessed with your group is that many of you have been tuned into your path and your gifts even prior to your Saturn Return. This is rather uncommon, as most find their calling at the Saturn Return (ages 27-30). 

I want to thank you for being born into this life. Know that you're here to carry out a visionary reformation to the systems already established, to take outdated ideologies and push them forward in ways that support progress. You are Saturn in Aquarius, and you are the trailblazers, the changemakers, and the innovators of our future.

“Our speaking out will irritate some people, get us called bitchy or hypersensitive and disrupt some dinner parties. And then our speaking out will permit other women to speak, until laws are changed and lives are saved and the world is altered forever.” - Audre Lorde

Sending so much appreciation for you and your unfolding maturation,                 

Oak <3

Christopher Oak is an astrologer and holistic chef based in Los Angeles. They are certified by the NCGR and continually cultivating their practice with mentor Lee Horowitz. Oak runs an online astrology school, Oakastrologyschool.com, that is dedicated to accessibility and BIPOC folks.