The Legacy of RBG: Liberty and Justice for All

The Notorious RBG

You are a three-part being: body, mind, and spirit. When you die, the body ceases to function, and the mind ceases to exist and what's left is YOU: the Truth of who you are as a limitless being of spirit...which is a supremely Piscean way of knowing oneself. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg may no longer be here in body, but the essence and impact of her BEing is eternal. The power of Justice, freedom, and self-expression - particularly in the face of no agreement.

The Notorious RBG blazed many trails both as the second woman and first Jewish person to sit on the Supreme Court. Pisces is completion: an intuitive, ethereal, and principled water sign where we gather the wisdom of the entire zodiac circle and merge into oneness. In true Pisces fashion, her challenges were personal, but her solutions were universal, and she lived with a deep knowing that we are all one.

Born in Brooklyn on March 15, 1933, with her Sun and Venus in Pisces, and a powerfully penetrative Scorpio moon. In Astrology, the Sun represents the quality of our creative consciousness and willpower. The Moon shows one's instinctive emotional inner space. Venus symbolizes our relationships, values, and the feminine principle.

RBG's birth chart

What a lady

From a young age, her mother instilled in her that being a lady meant being one's own person: independent. And she lived that even when being a lawyer wasn't an option for most women. Pisces is the paradoxical divine signature of nothing to everything; she knew she could be, do, and have it all as a lawyer, wife, mother, and general badass.

She graduated with distinction from Cornell University, where she met her husband-to-be Marty. The two attended Harvard Law School, where Ruth was one of nine women in a class of 500. Marty soon fell ill, and with a toddler and her own coursework, Ruth helped him stay in school - peak Pisces, putting oneself at issue for the greater good. Her tenacious Mars, selfless Neptune, and generous Jupiter in service-oriented Virgo are certainly reflected in her drive and dedication. 

As a pioneer in the male-dominated world of Law, the discrimination she faced fine-tuned her focus and taught her to create something from nothing. Making great use of her Aries Mercury fire-blazing, powerful communication (with Uranus in Aries for good revolutionary measure), Ginsberg won five of six gender discrimination cases before joining the Supreme Court, including challenging involuntary sterilization for women in 1973, the same year Roe v. Wade was decided.

As a Justice, RBG was moderate, progressive, and authentic to Self, rather than any dualistic side. She spoke of the very conservative, late Justice Antonin Scalia: "He's not my enemy; he's my dear friend...we are different, and we are one. Different in our approach to the interpretation of the texts, and one in our reverence for the constitution and the institution we serve." With Venus in Pisces there is a genuine capacity for universal, unconditional love. Nobody has to agree on everything, but alignment is critical - agreement is going to the same place; alignment is knowing we come from the same source.

One love

The Sun conjunct Venus in a chart is a beautifully beneficent combination, and together with her Pisces North Node path of purpose, that passion pulsed through RBG. Guided by principle, when a Pisces really believes in something, it makes a difference; they burst forth as a watery force of nature and will not stop until the old stuff gets swept away.

Ruth's passing at the age of 87 has hit us hard, especially so close to this crucial election, in this explosive political climate. While our country's future looks uncertain, the truth is that life itself is fundamentally uncertain. Ideas grow when they are shared, and service to Self must include others. Your sphere of influence is right where you are. You are a leader simply by the matter of your declaration, dedication, and taking actions aligned with that commitment. Whatever the form of your service, the concept remains: we are in the business of creating a world that works for everybody. Everything is possible, and it's all in who you choose to be

One love.



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Honor RBG by protecting her seat on the Supreme Court!

Donald Trump has nominated Amy Coney Barrett to replace RBG on the Supreme Court. She is, a staunch conservative who does not believe that the Constitution guarantees women equal protection before the law. She wants to end the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), that provides health coverage to more than 23 million Americans. Senator Mitch McConnell has vowed to move her confirmation as quickly as possible. This election has become laser-focused on the Presidency, but this Supreme Court nomination highlights just how vital a Democratic majority is in the Senate.  

We’re not helpless! We all have real power to affect this, so make some noise, people. This is all you need to do to have your voice heard: 

  • Call your Senator and demand fair hearings for the open Supreme Court Seat. 

Find their number here. 

  • Volunteer for one of these crucial Senate races to make phone calls, text, and send postcards. You can sign up right now through the Zodiac The Vote Mobilize Portal. To make your life one step easier, we’ve  bookmarked campaigns that need your help. 
  • Don’t forget: your elected officials work for you! If they’re doing a bad job they won’t know it if you don’t tell them 😉.