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Astrology: What's It Good For, Really?

When most people think about astrology, they tend to think about stereotypical portrayals, like horoscopes, crystal balls, and magical predictions for the future. But this simplified interpretation misses the point of astrology, and it’s incredible potential. Rather, astrology is a transformative tool for understanding History and the patterns that repeat...

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Responsibility is Required

Saturn generally gets a pretty bad rap. As a planet, a significant part of its essential nature involves limits, boundaries, and endings. It reminds us of our mortality, of our weaknesses and insecurities, and of the failures we experience that are both our fault and of no fault of our...

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Jupiter in Capricorn: We Can Move Mountains

I watched Michelle Obama’s speech for the 2020 Democratic National Convention, and I admit, it was moving. Michelle Obama, who also happens to be a Capricorn – the zodiac sign associated with pragmatism, ambition, and success – spoke a lot about the promise of America. She spoke about the promise...

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